Axus Decor


The OLFA® PL-1 SYSTEM PRO-LOAD™ is the ultimate in convenience for cutting heavy-duty materials, such as plasterboard, carpet, flooring materials, insulation, and roofing materials. Offering 48 sharp edges before you need to fiddle about with changing blades, it will save you time and frustration. One of the most common causes of inefficient cutting is the user trying to use the last segment of a snap-off blade past its limits, when it's already blunt, simply because they can't be bothered to change the blade to a fresh one. This cutter is the can hold 6 blades in its body, and when the last segment of a blade has had its day, simply pull the slider all the way back to auto-load a new blade, and and push it out again to reveal that ultra sharpness all over again. The auto-lock mechanism ensure the blade stays firmly in place when cutting, and the stainless steel blade channel will remain rust-free forever. Pre-loaded with 3 ENDURANCE™ blades to get you going.

OLF/PL1 18mm 091511100341 Pack 6 / Case 120