Axus Decor


  • Rust-resistant, stainless steel blade
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Ergonomic, chunky Aleetwood handle
  • Blade runs right through the handle
  • Lifetime guarantee


The Axus Decor S-Fill is a filling life like no other, created to help you achieve smooth substrate repairs countless times.

It has been constructed with premium materials that have been formed and finished to outperform other filling knives on the market.  The blade is made of high-grade stainless steel that's resistant to rust and goes through advanced manufacturing processes to make it ultra-flexible.

The handle is made of Aleetwood, which is like hardwood in appearance, weight and grip, but is far more durable.  It won't split like hardwood and is waterproof.  It has a premium, satin sheen that is a result of its polishing process, and not the result of a varnish or lacquer.  The chunky handle is ergonomic, shaped to give a grip that feels natural in the hand.

The steel blade runs right through the length of the handle, so it cannot be broken off or separated in any way, even with intense force.

Guaranteed for life.

AXU/FK1 1" / 25mm 5060128794255 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/FK15 1.5" / 38mm 5060128794248 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/FK2 2" / 50mm 5060128794231 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/FK3 3" / 75mm 5060128794224 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/FK4 4" / 100mm 5060128794217 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/FK6 6" / 150mm 5060128794200 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/FK8 8" / 200mm 5060855102026 Pack 6 / Case 24