Axus Decor


The next-generation Silk Cutter Ultra entails a curation of world-class filaments for an unmatched brushing experience.   It is a pointed brush that has been designed for intricate work, including mouldings, sash windows, touching up and artistry.

Perfect for water and oil-based paints

  • Special hydrophobic and oil-repellent filaments hold paint on their surface without absorbing it
  • Filaments maintain rigidity, making them highly effective at distributing the solids in any coating

Advanced chemical tip treatment

  • Softens and thins filament tips for a streak-free finish
  • Splits the tips into multiple finer tips and texturises them, maximising surface area for high paint pick-up
  • Intricately texturises the tips to retain and release paint only as commanded, providing precise control.

Highly elastic form recovery

  • Filaments can be bent or controlled as the user pleases to achieve precise brush strokes
  • Returns to original shape, wash after wash

Filaments resist paint build-up

  • Rinses out fast
  • Easy to maintain for a long life

Durable ferrule

  • Made of Grade 304 stainless steel with exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with brush storage boxes

Premium, round handle

  • Unvarnished birchwood
  • Laser-etched, providing additional slip-resistance for a secure hold
AXU/BMVP12 12mm 5060855102828 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/BMVP15 15mm 5060855102835 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/BMVP20 20mm 5060855102842 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/BMVP25 25mm 5060855102859 Pack 6 / Case 24