Axus Decor


The next-generation Silk Cutter Ultra entails a curation of world-class filaments for an unmatched brushing experience.   It is an angled brush, ideal for cutting in between surfaces, such as between wall and ceiling or between wall and skirting. Elevate your work with this meticulously crafted brush that combines precision, durability, fast/even coverage and sustainability in one exceptional package.

Perfect for water and oil-based paints

  • Special hydrophobic and oil-repellent filaments hold paint on their surface without absorbing it
  • Filaments maintain rigidity, making them highly effective at distributing the solids in any coating

Advanced chemical tip treatment

  • Softens and thins filament tips for a streak-free finish
  • Splits the tips into multiple finer tips and texturises them, maximising surface area for high paint pick-up
  • Intricately texturises the tips to retain and release paint only as commanded, providing precise control.

Highly elastic form recovery

  • Filaments can be bent or controlled as the user pleases to achieve precise brush strokes
  • Returns to original shape, wash after wash

Filaments resist paint build-up

  • Rinses out fast
  • Easy to maintain for a long life

High-capacity, oval ferrule with skinny filaments

  • Maximizes total filament surface area for astonishing paint pick-up
  • Made of Grade 304 stainless steel with exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with brush storage boxes

Premium handle

  • Unvarnished birchwood
  • Laser-etched, providing additional slip-resistance for a secure hold
AXU/BMVA1 1" / 25mm 5060855102767 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/BMVA15 1.5" / 38mm 5060855102774 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/BMVA2 2" / 50mm 5060855102781 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/BMVA25 2.5" / 64mm 5060855102798 Pack 6 / Case 24