Axus Decor

100% Wool Roller (Blonde Series)


100% WOOL sleeve is superior to synthetic mohair  is ideal for use with eggshell, satin, gloss and undercoat

  • Can be re-used several times over
  • Made to last
  • Wash before first use

The roller fabric is heat-fused to the core, to prevent unwind and ensure maximum lifetime, even when used with the harshest of solvents.

The core diameter of this sleeve is 1.75" (44mm), so it should be fitted onto a matching Axus Decor or other suitably sized roller frame.

AXU/RBLN210 2"/50mm,10Pk 5060128799038 Pack 6 / Case 24
AXU/RBLN410 4"/100mm,10Pk 5060128795238 Pack 6 / Case 12
AXU/RBLN43 4"/100mm,3Pk 5060434645920 Pack 12 / Case 24
AXU/RBLN6L2 6"/150mm Double Core,2Pk 5060128798949 Pack 6 / Case 12
AXU/RBLN9 9"/230mm,44mm core 5060128795177 Pack 6 / Case 24