Axus Decor

Australian Merino Roller, Medium Pile (Onyx Series)


Australian Merino Roller, Medium Pile

  • One of the softest and most absorbent types of wool
  • Picks up a tremendous amount of paint for speedy surface coverage
  • Very low paint spatter
  • Soft fibres leave minimal texture for a desirable, flat appearance
  • Suitable for back-rolling
  • Resilient fibres maintain their shape after use
  • Highly reusable

Recommended surfaces:

  • Smooth and lightly textured walls and ceilings

Recommended coatings:

  • Water-based emulsions and masonry paints

For more information, see our roller guide.

AXU/LW9M 9"/230mm,44mm core 6927813160360 Pack 6 / Case 24