Axus Decor
UK and IE Distributers of:
Artline Decor

Alox-Pro Abrasive Paper (Blue Series)


WHITE ALUMINIUM OXIDE: Breaks into new sharp edges as you sand, for fast removal

HEAVY BACKING: Resists tearing and creasing

DOUBLE RESIN: Minimal grain loss

AXU/ABB45120 45m x 115mm Grit 120 5060434649201
AXU/ABB45150 45m x 115mm 5060434649225
AXU/ABB45180 45m x 115mm 5060434649249
AXU/ABB4560 45m x 115mm 5060434649164
AXU/ABB4580 45m x 115mm 5060434649188
AXU/ABB5120 5m x 115mm 5060434649102
AXU/ABB5150 5m x 115mm 5060434649126
AXU/ABB5180 5m x 115mm 5060434649140
AXU/ABB560 5m x 115mm 5060434649065
AXU/ABB580 5m x 115mm 5060434649089