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Ap Render


For repairing masonry walls, concrete, pointing and stone - use up to 2cm deep or at unlimited thickness when mixed with sand.

Does not flash or remain noticeable when overcoated with two coats of most good quality emulsions.

  • Ideal for repairing masonry, render and concrete
  • Easy to mould and holds well - perfect for the repair of shaped stone and corners
  • Doesn’t shrink
  • Easy to sand

ADHERES TO: Masonry, concrete, cement render & stone. Do not use on flooring.

APPLY WITH: Filling knife or broad knife.

SETS IN: 40 to 90 mins

RECOAT IN: 12 hours for every 1cm thickness as a guideline, but this varies considerably depending on ambient conditions and the nature of the substrate.

Tip: Add approximately 20% sand (2mm particle size) to apply at generous thicknesses

H&S Sheet

AXF/AP1.5 1.5kg Grey 5060434646606
AXF/AP12 10kg 5060434646620
AXF/AP5 5 x 1kg 5060434646613